Montessori Inspired Play Group

This is done by harnessing the philosophy of the Montessori method and customising it to fit the needs of children requiring moral teaching from the view of the Islamic lens.

Outdoor Games Facility

Besides academics, We emphasize the physical development of the students. As such, we have placed our campus beside a field where students will have regular PE classes.

Transport Facility

We are equipped with transport facilities to facilitate our students’ smooth transport from different points of Uttara.

Computing Subject From Grade 1 With IT Lab

This is an age of Computing. To develop computational thinking in our students, we have introduced Cambridge Computing from grade 1 with the IT lab and Cambridge Computing Curriculum.

Reading Program With State Of The Art Library

Acquisition of a second language, such as English or Arabic, requires extensive reading and access to comprehensible input. To ensure this, we have a library with a range of targeted books and educational resources.

Enquiry Based Learning For Science With State Of The Art Science Lab

We have designed our Science Curriculum in such a way that students learn scientific facts with hands-on experiments and develop the O-level skills required for experimental skill development.

International Curriculum Of Islamic Studies From Safar Academy

We have brought the unique Islamic Studies Curriculum from Safar Academy (UK) that is visually engaging and concise for learning.

Singapore Mathematics For Primary

We have introduced Singapore Mathematics that is world renowned for its effective teaching method using CPA (Concrete, pictorial and abstract) method for learning Maths.

Science Club, Coding Club, Maths Club And Reading Club

Club activities are vital for peer learning and creative thinking. At Annoor, we organize different clubs to enhance team-building skills and also to increase students' enthusiasm for Coding, Mathematics, and Reading.

Cambridge Trained Lead Teachers

Our primary lead teachers are trained from Cambridge. So, parents can have confidence in the skills of our Teaching team.